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The National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students (NUEYS) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that stands for the betterment of Eritrean youth. The mission of NUEYS is to organize and build a versatile youth that is aware and proud of their culture, identity, heritage and history. It also strives to build a disciplined, self-confident, mature and responsible youth throughout the country, as well as among Eritrean youth in the Diaspora.

Vision: A strong youth that participates in all national affairs with responsibility, enlightenment and dedication.

Mission: To Build a Versatile Youth

The Role of NUEYS

The role that NUEYS plays in dealing with the youth in general has been consistent with its mission. This mission encompasses the values and ideals of the 30-year struggle for independence and, with the same spirit, NUEYS’ mission has been redrafted to include new challenges faced by the youth in post-liberated (and post-conflict) Eritrea.

As a mass organization, NUEYS’ main role embodies the following functions:

  1. Advocacy and Lobbying: The first and foremost responsibility of NUEYS is to stand for youth issues in all spheres and at all levels, ensuring that the youths’ concerns and special needs are provided for and that the relevant bodies are well aware of those needs.
  2. Service Provision: NUEYS seeks to provide services that are in scarce supply, which directly address the youths’ problems. However, NUEYS is not there to continue the provision of these services as much as to try to temporarily fill the gap until the responsible body assumes the service.

The Aims and Objectives of NUEYS

  1. Building enlightened youth that know and respect their culture and history, proud of their identity and possesses a broad way of thinking and culture
  2. Cultivating a youth generation ready to shoulder the responsibility of rebuilding and leading the nation to the future as entrusted by our Martyrs, and are loyal and ready to fight for the values and principles of the revolution.
  3. Ensuring that the youth develops a social consciousness and responsibility, political enlightenment and participation, and a culture and capacity of responsible leadership by enabling the youth to participate in all political, economic, cultural and social affairs of the nation from the lowest village administration to the highest national government.
  4. With the constructive participation of the youth, plan and implement programs that respect and enhance the rights, duties, contributions, role, wishes and interests of the youth in all aspects of life.
  5. With the initiative and participation of the youth, develop attractive, sustainable, entertaining and educational programs in education, arts, sports, technology, science, dialogue and research that fulfill the needs and demands of the youth.
  6. Impelling an impact towards making Eritrean students lovers of wisdom and arts; fervent and able readers; scientists and innovators; preservers and developers of their culture; industrious and internationally competitive; excelling in education; versatile and owners of broad based and coherent knowledge and human culture.
  7. Encouraging the youth to develop professionalism in all their endeavors; to strive for self improvement by continuous self education; to produce proficient and skillful products, and thereby become giants of development, construction, innovation and work ethics.
  8. Striving to make the youth develop a sense of self-reliance and self-confidence that will enable them to take on the responsibility of their future and the future of the country; make them initiators rather than followers, and un-yielding conquerors of obstacles.
  9. Creating a conducive environment that would enable female students and youth to develop the enlightenment, initiative and courage to achieve concrete professional and educational equality; struggle to enable the youth to defeat backward and chauvinistic attitudes that belittle the role and capacity of the female gender; and to create a true partnership between the two genders based on equality and liberty.
  10. Ensuring the contribution of the youth in the development of a true national feeling of ‘unity in diversity’ that gives no room for domination and marginalization by their struggle against narrow, chauvinistic ad anti-nationalistic tendencies.
  11. Developing humane culture and principles that enable the youth to live a life free from consumerism and selfishness and to develop judicious enlightenment that rejects defeatism, greed, self-centeredness, fundamentalism, extremism and dogmatism in all their forms.
  12. Ensuring that the youth respect and care for the families of our fallen heroes at all times; are at all times on the side of the weak and exploited; and against pride and oppression in thought and action.
  13. Striving so that children could spend their childhood in happiness, amusement and exploration and make sure that the youth care for, bestow love on, teach and be a role model for them.
  14. Making sure that the youth participate in the protection and preservation of the environment so that all natural resources could be utilized efficiently and in a sustainable manner for the benefit of present as well as future generations.
  15. Working for regional and international peace and struggle for a true international partnership and cooperation that rejects domination and marginalization and which is based on the principles of economic justice, political equality and cultural respect.

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